Posted by: Lydia | January 27, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

After over a year of uncertainty, nail-biting, expensive medical tests, and form-submitting and re-submitting, we finally received our invitation to serve with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.

In lieu of the usual acceptance timeline that many volunteers include on their blogs, I will say only this: Patience is a virtue in the Peace Corps application process, particularly if you are married and/or have a colorful health or legal history.  If you can’t deal with the way this process toys with your expectations and emotions, you probably aren’t cut out to be a volunteer.

As much as I’d like to believe that the frustrating part of the process is over, I know our trials are just beginning. The first trial (besides packing) is going to be learning to blog after letting my publishing skills languish since my early teenage years, and then being able to maintain our blog in a country where electricity comes but 10 hours a day.

Wish us luck, and check back often for more tales of our triumphs and misadventures.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your time in DR. Does the Peace Corp have any safety things in place for when hurricanes may happen by??? Just curious.

    • Yes, all of the volunteers get together in a secure location on the island to weather it out. The PC is really serious about safety measures… for example, we get “separated” (that’s PC talk for “kicked out”) if we don’t wear helmets while bike riding! Every mother’s dream…

  2. Hi Lydia!

    I got your comment about business cas… don’t worry about it too much. I have been well-served by khakis (capris!), polo shirts, and plain T-shirts. At Entrena, their biggest thing is no flip-flops and no shorts. I think they also say “no sleeveless shirts” but really just no low-cut tank tops, I have some normal sleeveless shirts that are fine. Basically, bring nice-ish summery clothing.

    Once you get to site… you will wear lots of flip flops 🙂

    Oh, and bring a quick-dry camping towel, they are bomb.

    Congrats on getting into PCDR!! It is nice here. I’m happy to answer any more questions. Nos vemos pronto.

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