Posted by: Matthew | February 3, 2010

Pre-Staging Mania

Life has been hectic for Lydia and me since we learned of our posting in the Dominican Republic (henceforth referred to as the DR).  The first order of business was to throw together our DR visa and Peace Corps (henceforth referred to as the PC) passport applications.  I’m proud to say we had both of these  in the mail within 24 hours of receiving our invitation despite everything else thats been going on.  If, for whatever reason, there is/was a delay with either of these documents this will be a very short-lived blog indeed.  We aren’t too worried though, as we received a delivery confirmation for the applications as of 6:00am last Wednesday (yeah!) and the PC hasn’t called to let us know of any fatal mistakes.

Next, we face the double duty of putting our lives into pristine working order for the next two years and building a comprehensive, but not excessive, list of necessary items to bring with us.  I don’t even want to talk about the first task yet, but we are well under way in the second category.  We must hurry to get the things we need as much of it can only be found online and, therefore, needs to be ordered immediately if we are to have it in time for staging.

And of course, we are doing all of this while studying Spanish, visiting (and being visited by) family and friends, working, and doing all of the other normal daily tasks one must do.

Keep in mind: I’m not complaining, just reporting.  And anyways, I’m sure that we’ll yearn for the carefree days of February while immersed in training at Santo Domingo.

Something slightly more interesting: We have been assigned to the Community Environmental Development project (CEDE).  We won’t know exactly what we will be doing within this program, or even where in the DR we will be placed, until well into training, but you can find the project description here and speculate amongst yourselves.



  1. Hi Lydia and Matthew,

    I’m leaving for DR in March as well on an ICT project. There’s a Facebook group called ‘Peace Corps Dominican Republic, departing March 4’ where there’s a lot of discussion going on between some of us who are leaving and a few current PCVs who have been kind enough to providing guidance on a number of topics. Check it out if you’ve got a few spare minutes!


    • Thanks for the heads-up. We’re part of the group now.

  2. Good luck. I was there in PC in 87-89. If you read the blogs on DR, you will get an idea of what life might be like.

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