Posted by: Lydia | February 27, 2010

Adios, mi montaña linda.

When I was very young and impressionable, my parents made the great mistake of introducing me to the American Southwest. Due to my irrepressible wanderlust and love of dramatic, unpopulated terrain, I was destined to one day drop everything and become a ne’er-do-well desert ski bum with some good looking, rugged midwesterner.

But seriously, Matt and I decided this summer when we first had an inkling that going to the Peace Corps might actually become a reality to quit our fairly well-paying if slightly less fulfilling than a winter of powder skiing jobs and move to Northern New Mexico. We thought it would be good practice to try acculturating into a majority Spanish-speaking society before committing to the real deal, plus living in the southwest has been a dream of mine since I can remember. Just as we are finally settled into our new community with jobs that we love and a community we can (after no insignificant effort) comprehend, it’s time to leave again.

Today was our last day in Taos Ski Valley for the next 2 1/2 to 3 years, probably longer. I thought it would be easy to leave a land I had lived in for a mere seven months, however I surprised myself with how attached I became, particularly to my kids at the Dream Tree Project. Those guys really knew how to lay on a serious guilt trip, and I supposed they were right in a way when they said they needed my help more than folks in the Dominican Republic. I would be a more efficient agent of positive change here in the States since I don’t have to learn a new language or adapt to a completely different culture in order to do good, however joining the Peace Corps is not, quite frankly, a truly altruistic action. It is time to satiate my thirst for the new, exotic, and likely difficult once again.. time to trade an arid 13,000ft peak for beaches and lush forests… the quiet of the desert for the constant roar of the developing world.

I can’t wait to leave.

Stay tuned for updates hopefully of the less navel-gazing variety in the coming weeks. I’ve lived in relative isolation in the Land of Enchantment for too long and it’s making me waaaay too introspective.



  1. Safe travels. So glad you are planning to keep us informed via this website. Very much looking forward to your new adventures. Very proud of both of you.

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