Posted by: Matthew | March 2, 2010

Off the Precipice

We’re in D.C. for staging!  Lydia and I flew out of Santa Fe this morning and, after a close connection in Dallas, we find ourselves safely ensconced in a Georgetown hotel.  It’s funny to think that this is the longest leg of our journey.  Our trip to the DR should be faster than our trans-continental flight today.

At check-in we received some sweet goody bags.  I’ve never been so psyched for mere Reese’s Pieces and Doritos, but it was a welcome end to our trip and a physical affirmation that we are in the right place.  Also, we won’t have much crumby, processed American food for the next couple years so we’ll eat it while we can even though we almost never do otherwise.

Tomorrow, staging begins in earnest and training starts shortly thereafter.  As the time approaches for us to get started, truly started, Lydia and I experience ever greater measures of stoke-itude.

The photo below is everything we are bringing with us to the Dominican Republic.  Together, our luggage weighs about 136 lbs, but keep in mind that its split between two people with some strong ski-legs.



  1. Happy, happy, happy for you two. Be well and flourish!!!

  2. May God Bless and keep you both as you bring blessings to the people of the Dominican Republic!

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