Posted by: Lydia | April 25, 2010

picture time

Due to the lack of internet and electricity in the more campo areas of this country, I’ve been very lax with uploading photos of the DR, which I’m sure is all you guys really care about. Anyway, Matt and I managed to catch a sweet bola down to Santiago and are sitting in a bakery cafe with AMAZING INTERNET that belongs more in Spain than in the DR.

So, here goes:

The view from my grandfather’s finca in La Cumbre

Host hermanos

The family colmado, named after the daughter.

Monte Cristi, a surprisingly unspoiled beach.

Casa de Colon… the downfall of the Western Hemisphere started here.



  1. Thanks for the pictures! Lydia, put some in of you also! Miss you guys tons and tons! Love, Mom

  2. The countryside is really quite beautiful. We were just invited to a wedding in the DR, but I doubt that we could get to see you guys if we accepted the invitation. The wedding is at EXCELLENCE PUNTA CANA., PLAYAS UVERO ALTO-HIGUEY , PROVINCIA LA ALTAGRACIA, PUNTA CANA ,DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. on Saturday, July 31 at 5PM. Our friend’s name is John Frazier and his bride’s name is Janet Maria Nunez. If you think you’d like to represent us, let me know, and I’ll tell John.
    Love & Kisses xoxoxo

  3. Hi grandma, I don’t know what our schedule is going to be then but I will let you know if we can.


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