Posted by: Lydia | May 3, 2010

Vamos pa’ frontera!

The long awaited day has finally arrived… Matthew and I have at last learned where we are going and what we will be doing, and we are thrilled. I think we are actually going to be getting the hard-core, end of the line, 10 hour donkey ride from civilization Peace Corps experience we wanted all along.

We are going to the central-northwest of the country on the Haitian border to work on an agroforestry project, and the name of the nearest peak translates loosely to “Slut Butt Mountain” (thanks Matthew for the idiomatic Spanish skills… it literally translates to Frog Butt Mountain but nowadays the word for frog means slut, thanks to a notable reggaeton artist of the region). Even more excitingly than the fact that we will be living near a place called Slutbutt, the Peace Corps is sending us to an intensive Haitian Kreyol language training right after we swear in next week. Bateyland here we come!

Also, I bought my first pair of ridiculous Dominican jeans that are essentially just denim pantyhose with rhinestones on the butt. The Peace Corps packing guidelines tell you to bring subdued, business casual clothing, but I swear I attract more attention wearing my orthodox jew coverage-level crap than skintight stretch pants and a loud tshirt. Who knew.



  1. Congrats on your posting! Miss you! Now, we just need a pic of you in the new jeans :). xoxoxo

  2. Awesome! So the emails and internet updates will be fewer I’m guessing. Thats the crummy part i suppose. I can’t wait to hear what the new language sounds like!

  3. You are going to be pretty far out there. How close will you be to Rio Limpio or what is the town closest to your site?

  4. You are going to be really out there. Are you close to Rio Limpio or what other town?

  5. Hi Tom,

    We are pretty close to Loma de Cabrera, not too far from Rio Limpio as far as I know. It is really out there but it doesn´t feel as isolated as I expected.

  6. I visited the area a number of times in the late 80’s. Eric Johnson (El Rubio) is a former volunteer who worked in the area and there used to be a center in Rio Limpio run by a guy named Marc. It is a great area to work and you will enjoy your trips to Santiago or the Capital.

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