Posted by: Lydia | March 7, 2011

Photo Update

Map of the DR I painted with the local jovenes

BIOSAND FILTER!!!! This is the project that is currently occupying 110% of Matthew’s and my time. We spent last week installing the filters in the town up the mountain from us, meaning an 8 mile hike (uphill both ways, but not in the driving snow) every day. The cheap way to get buns of steel, people!

Why give priority to a filters project? Well, in case you haven’t heard yet, there is a cholera epidemic going on in Haiti, we live about 5k from the border, and share their waterway system. Also, the local water supply is home to other friends such as amoebas and giardia. In this photo you can see that the dad has built a tight-fitting concrete base for the filter to keep it out of reach of the kids and so it can’t be knocked over. This filter, if properly maintained, will continue to produce clean, safe water for the lifetime of the plastic (i.e., longer than our lifespans).

The old-skool way to shell your rice. This is dry-grown, hill rice. It is incredibly delicious.



  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. I hope the filter installations are progressing well.

  2. Thanks for the update. I think of you two very often. Glad it’s still going well… And those buns of steel will look great when you get back to the land of obesity 🙂

  3. Another great map!!! Very talented! It is interesting to actually see one of the filters we have heard so much of. I’m sure you two are super busy installing them…then to get all the new trees started, etc. etc. Love you both tons!

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