Posted by: Lydia | April 15, 2011

Llego la lluvia

This is the first blog entry to be composed by hand. After receiving an electric shock from my computer, I have foresworn the use of electronics until the end of the storm.

After over two months of drought, the rains have finally returned to our fair hillock on the border. The footpath outside our house has turned into a swift-moving muddy stream.

The house also has a river running through it, although this is less of a disaster than it probably seems to you at home due to our extremely un-level cement floor. Fortunately it is un-level in such a way that it allows water to flow unimpeded in through the back door and out the front into the rapidly growing lake that was once our front yard.

It is also hailing, the ice a welcome yet unexpected reprieve from the heat of the Caribbean spring.



  1. I want to see a picture of the stream running through your house…
    Love, Ma xoxoxo

  2. Hope you two are staying warm. Lydia, are you ok from your shock???? Yikes, that must have been scary.

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